The Diverse

Emergenza finals in Stockholm!

We have now fought our way up to the finals in the Emergenza Festival, and it’s all thanks to all of you who voted for us!
During our shows at Emergenza we have been arranging bus trips from Västerås to Stockholm for us and our supporters. This will also be done for the finals, so feel free to join us. If you want to get on the bus for the finals at June 1st, make sure to contact us.

For the summer we have a couple of gigs already booked, and we’re booking more all the time. If you want us to come and play at your local pub, club, party, festival or arena, just write us a line about it and we’ll try to arrange it. We’ll see you all soon!


Live at Sigurdsgatan 25, 2012-12-12. Photo: Henrik Lundvall.