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Long Gone Friend Of Mine (New Version) out On Wednesday November 5th

Dear followers. The stripped live version of ”Long Gone Friend Of Mine” is on Youtube from now on, yet a studio recording of the song will be released digitally On Wednesday, November 5th, available on numerous global online music services including Spotify, Wimp and iTunes. This version is performed in an alternative, acoustic, country kind of style, in contrast to the original album version from our debut album, ”Make Amends For Friends”, released in 2012. It all started out with a funny live thing from our point of view, as the stripped version were included in the setlist throughout some live shows and after several successful gigs, we eventually noticed that the rearranged version of the song became extremely popular among the fans. So, in your handle, ”Long Gone Friend Of Mine (New Version) will be released exclusively to salute all of you who have attended our shows making making magic with us – thank you!


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